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Maxim Galkin has complained to the extra weight

A new photo of the presenter to discuss in the Network

Star domestic TV and pop stars, 42-year-old Maxim Galkin, has always pleased its fans with a slim and toned figure. However, a fresh selfie of the comedian surprised fans on it the artist looks much more plump than on a summer beach photo taken during a family vacation in Jurmala.

Publication of Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru)28 Oct 2018 10:38 PDT

"Silly penguin timidly hides the body fat in the dressing room... With a tummy it is time to do something" — ironically he signed the frame. In the review members praised him for his frankness and advised various ways of keeping in shape. It should be noted that the wife of the showman Alla Pugacheva for the last year had to say goodbye to 20 extra pounds and began to appear regularly at social events in a daring mini.


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