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Irena Ponaroshku has unveiled the gender of the second child

The leading speculate on astrology

October 24, in the family of Irena Ponaroshku and Alexander Glukhov was a second, updated, there appeared another boy, whose name has not been disclosed. Now to coddle the baby of the presenter helps the eldest son by the name of Seraphim. Under the published on a personal page "Instagram" touching family photograph both of her heir, the media personality launched into a discussion about the impact on the fate of the signs of the Zodiac.

Publication from TV host, journalist Moscow (@irenaponaroshku)Oct 28, 2018 7:45 PDT

From the narrative it was also found that the first leading really wanted a daughter. But girls-archers, according to her, dismantled the enterprising fathers who are trying to save money on gifts wives 8 March. "If I 10 years can withstand a lot of unmanaged sting, so with mA-and-scarlet figure something out!" told the Fun to the difficult character of her husband.


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