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Daughter of Nikolaev considers the Queen "appointed by God" mother

Ladies exchanged pleasantries on the social network

At the weekend the eldest daughter of Igor Nikolaev from his first marriage with a classmate Elena Kudryashova named Julia celebrated its 40th anniversary. One of the first social network with a holiday congratulated her ex-husband composer Natasha Koroleva. The artist said with confidence that at this age life is just beginning. In response, the birthday girl burst out unexpectedly candid confession.

"You were, are and will be family... and if I can do something to help, I'm always here (you know where)... songs I don't write any more...but Name can sit," said she to 45-year-old singer, noting that "these relationships, as God's appointed mother and daughter, not disappear." In the comments users have admired the sincerity and warmth in relationships, though not connected by blood, but members of one large family. Know that coming from America to Russia, Yuliya enjoys spending time with her younger half-sister — three-year-old Veronica.


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