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From romance to scandal star intrigue of autumn have audited the uneasy relationship of local celebrities

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and Prokhor Chaliapin

As people are free or almost free Prokhor and Vitalina, of course, can afford to build a new life. But what secular brawlers suddenly found each other, looks very suspicious and not at least intriguing.

Prokhor Chaliapin could easily write a book on the novels within the framework of the controversial talk show. His Prime time relationship with a businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina, which is older than his almost thirty years, may become a Chapter titled "the Unequal marriage". And the failed attempt to confirm his paternity of a young son of actress and model Anna Kalashnikova can be entitled "was there a boy?".

От романтики до скандала: звездные интриги осени

In his personal life, Prochorus Shalyapin, there are scenes that allow you to call a musician a sort of secular playboy. Prokhor was married and a Mature business-lady Lirise Coparcenary Sharlovskoe
Ms. Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya this, of course, smaller, but she made the divorce process with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan in a heartbreaking episode in which her every appearance on a talk show, rumored to be supported by at least five fee. And here Vitalina and Prokhorov unexpectedly found each other. "Kind of romantic," say fans of sentimental endings. "Apparently, they cost more together than alone", I would suggest the cynics. In any case, the picture is very amusing.

От романтики до скандала: звездные интриги осени

And then he married a young starlet Anna Kalashnikovskaya Sharlovskoe

It all started with an innocent joint self. Then, looking into the eyes of Andrei Malakhov, the characters talked about friendship. About as affable Prokhorov has decided to support a girl at the moment when her persona is mostly associated with the less romantic terms "theft", "surveillance", "flats", "account" and so on. And Prochorus and Vitalina have a common interest — music, so they meet to play. However, the further course of events suggests that music is not limited. The couple constantly appear on secular parties, and the rest from most of these parties they are in a prestigious suburban detox centers.

От романтики до скандала: звездные интриги осени

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and Armen Dzhigarhanyana Gubernatorova

According to rumors, Prokhorov recently and Vitalina paid for a week of health, about three hundred thousand rubles. And it is quite touching looks Vitalina acquaintance with the parents of Prokhor. The couple went to Volgograd, to the small home of Mr. Chaliapin, where they were met by the mother of the singer with a welcoming smile and the whole basin of selected cancers. As you know, father Prochorus more than twenty years, is forced treatment in a psychiatric hospital, however, Vitalina was found with him. Perhaps all this looks like a real idyll. The couple looks very happy, and Mara noted that now her image has changed for the better: she can afford to take long walks in the Park or even to go to the movies at night, if she fancies it.

Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel

От романтики до скандала: звездные интриги осени

The reason for the divorce of Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel was the reluctance of girls to give birth to the actor, naslednikova:

My wedding 88-year-old actor and his 27-year-old girlfriend gave a great reason for not the kind of talk about unequal marriages. Gossip everywhere looking for the catch and, of course, saw in Natalia's mischievous lady who is looking for in this relationship solely personal gain. However, it soon became clear that financial interest can not speak. After the wedding, the couple moved into one room in a three room apartment where he lives the grandson of Ivan Krasko with his mother. Initially, the relationship among members of the family were good, but then came squabbles between the family of Ivan and Natalia. To live together became almost unbearable. But, as admitted Krasko in the program "Let them talk", one of the main causes of discord with his wife was her unwillingness to see the common children. Despite the fact that the actor himself is reluctant heirs: he passed all the necessary tests and, as it turned out, it could still be a father. But, at very reasonable opinion Natalia, babies need when you have a stable job, housing and the like.

It is noteworthy that after the couple divorced, Ivan Krasko expressed a desire to return to his ex-wife, 41-year-old Natalia Vial with which they crowned, and sons. And like Natalia decided to take her ex-husband.

Denis and Darya Glushkova

От романтики до скандала: звездные интриги осени

Daria Glushakova reported infidelity of her husband Denis through the Internet. And immediately sued razvedrota:

Adultery, spying, scandal — and all this just gets on the Internet and then broadcasting the news. The controversial "bath" video, which was the former captain of "Spartacus" Denis Glushakov and his school friend, was the occasion for the beginning of the divorce process. According to Daria Glushkova, her husband cheated on her for a long time, she herself never gave cause for jealousy. There were also revelations Daria, who confessed that Dennis even beat her. Now the couple face a difficult divorce, because at stake is money and children. In the family are two daughters: seven year old Valeria and her younger sister Alexandra, which in December will be two years. By the way, recently Dennis reported that allegedly filed for divorce before happened bath scandal. Supposedly, he and his wife have long been actually together. But Daria says that she was the initiator of the divorce, and the documents her husband was able to forge to take the children and obtain child support. However, according to the latest information, the player did not mind that the daughter lived with the mother.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

От романтики до скандала: звездные интриги осени

Family idyll Rita and Vlad Sokolovsky collapsed after it became known about the cheating, megafoto:

Their affair as if descended from the pages of a glossy magazine. Charismatic couple, beautiful wedding, luxury holidays, sweet little girl MIA, who soon appeared in the young family. In General, all very photogenic and love everywhere. But it soon became clear that Vlad loves not only Rita. The girl told about her husband's infidelity, and, according to the latest fashion, did it in social networks as much detail as possible. With feeling, with properly, with deliberation.

"It is very difficult now to write this, but to avoid unnecessary talk and gossip in the press, I have to. It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart to report that Vlad Sokolovsky divorce. Everything that seemed beautiful picture, family, devotion and love was such to me only one in our pair. From the beginning to the end for me it was real, so I left my husband as soon as I found out about his double life. It turned out that Vlad was cheating on me throughout our relationship, cheated on me when we got married, and got married, cheated on, when I was pregnant, changed from the first days of life MIA has changed up to the moment when I found out about it. It was dozens of girls, many of them I know personally, many of them were my "friends", I went into my house. Almost all of our mutual friends who met me from the hospital, knew about this and covered it, many of them his infidelity was happening right at home, with their consent. Knew some members of his family, including his father....My world will never be the same, but I have to go through this for his daughter... But he's the father of my child, and I have to find the strength and wisdom to MIA was dad. Someday this pain will cease and I will try to forgive him again and to talk to him. Now we are the division of property (Yes, you heard right, usually in such situations, the man voluntarily leaves with one suitcase, leaving the child and the woman whose life he ruined, but that's not Vlad), and I need strength to defend justice in the name of us with MIA," said about what happened to Rita. Later she said that trying to stay even, and not dwell in depression for this reason. The other day little MIA turned one, but this event the couple celebrated separately, at different restaurants.


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