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Marianne Abravitova about kozlivs'ke and Zueva: "Marriage, I don't see"

Psychic questioned the feelings that the actors show towards each other in public

Relations Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva seems ideal — a couple was not involved in any secular scandal, avoids excessive publicity, but it sometimes appears in front of reporters, gently holding hands. And in microblogs artists periodically sharing photos. For example, Kozlowski published pictures from Italy, where the couple celebrated the birth of Zueva. But psychic and tarragon Marianne Abravitova told that he believes the relationship is more friendship than love, "They demonstrate a romance, and all about it know where to go, what direction you looked — the picture on the cards is very superficial. It's not like we are trying to show. As far as I see, they went together and spend a lot of time together, that's all. But it is not a Union, it's not a couple, and marriage I also do not see. This is a friendly Union, and they just brought a certain element of illusion and stories for the whole community in their relationship".

Марианна Абравитова о Козловском и Зуевой: «Брака я не вижу»

Relations Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva from the many seem to be, idealnego:

"The maps show that their relationship is not like they are all trying to imagine. Yes, good relationships, trust, they have something to talk about among themselves. But globally it's all a hoax. Friends. Here on the surface of the two paintings. One real and one for all. Together, they never will. It is in principle possible. Novel to the public will be bright and wavy. After some time it will end. And the ending is very theatrical. Kozlovsky a wonderful actor and another role of a man in love he'll do fine at 100", — said the psychic.


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