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Pugacheva prophesied to a young man

In the Network there was an interesting archival video

A few hours ago on your personal page "Instagram" founder "Tender may" Andrey Razin has a video with the participation of Alla Pugacheva. Apparently, this is an excerpt of her speech the 80-ies of the last century. In the shot the singer in black tights and oversized bright jacket Flirty communicates with the audience during one of the concerts.

Publication from Andrey Razin Laskovyy May (@razin_andrei_lm)29 Oct 2018 2:39 PDT

"I have something otchebuchit. I have comes a second wind, and, maybe, this is called second youth", — said the prima Donna, noting that at her age, women begin to be attracted to "young boys". Anyway, the phrase proved prophetic. Its elected representatives: Vladimir Kuzmin, Sergei chelobanov, Philip — were all younger than her, the difference in the age of the current husband Maxim Galkin is 27 years.


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