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Lopyreva was photographed with a rounded stomach

The situation was commented by the "Golden voice of Russia"

In late spring and has not played a wedding in Grozny, Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva has ceased to appear together in public and because of the tight schedule decided to remain friends. Yet in his personal life by the reigns calm — we only know that now all his time he devotes to creativity and filming.

Лопыреву засняли с округлившимся животом

Lopyreva filmed with a rounded животом

But the 35-year-old model again is credited with an affair with some businessman. Now she spends part of his time in a luxury Villa in Dubai. The other day in Instagram was published a curious video in which she is the girl photographed in a five star hotel in Paris in a black dress free cut, which many users have noticed the rounded belly.

It is worth noting that in the last photo of Vika are increasingly holding at waist level handbag or hand, in every way trying to divert attention from this part of the figure. Learning of this, the "Golden voice of Russia" stated that it maintains relations with lopyrevoy only by phone and did not know whether his ex-fiancée is expecting a child. "To this fact have no relationship", — he assured journalists


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