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Natalia Podolskaya: "I decided that I would never get the belt"

Exclusive as the actress and her husband Vladimir Presnyakov are raising a young son

Actress Natalia Podolskaya very seriously the question of education a three-year Artemis, what she said behind the scenes of the award "Breakthrough of the year". The singer admitted that all his spare time she has devoted to her beloved baby:

"On the one hand, I am now come to grips with his career. But the artists concerts — this action is spontaneous, and when nearing the holiday, we are more involved, and there are dead periods. On the other hand, I actively use the spare time to spend with his son, for me is very important. About the baby I can talk for a long time. First, in the three years he sat on a two-wheeled bike. Just sat down and went. Thanks dad. Secondly, we now have a period of role-playing games: Artemy puts on endless costumes that we buy for him. This spider-Man, and Iron man, and ninja. In the morning, usually we have already started in these suits to save the world".

Besides, the singer is studying a lot of literature about how to treat the younger generation.

Наталья Подольская: «Я решила, что больше никогда не возьмусь за ремень»

Natalia Podolskaya finds that the child can negotiate without ремня

"Of course, parenting is intuitive, but even when I have a question, like "do I need to threaten the child with a belt?", I surf the net and read about it. On this topic there are different opinions, but I think that intimidate is thus not necessary. But the fact of the horror that I sometimes don't know how then to affect. (Laughs.) Actually you just have to outsmart. Yesterday I once again realized this. I was very tired, the son acted up, I was asked to come to the aid of the Pope, and he showed up with a belt. The child was frightened, and I so felt sorry for him that I decided: more we will not do so. It is better to look for other ways," admitted the actress.


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