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Olga Orlova lost a friend due to cancer

Leading honored her memory in the social network

A few hours ago, the former soloist of group "Brilliant" Olga Orlova decided to share with the Internet audience his grief. A black and white photo in the company of a female coach, a psychologist and close friend Mila Tumanova she put only three emojis: a heart, folded in prayer hands and a crying face.

Publication from Olga Orlova (@olgaorlova1311)30 Oct 2018 10:55 PDT

Let the artist have not picked up the words she did attentive followers, some of whom may have been familiar with this woman. It turned out that Mila has died after a long struggle with a terrible disease — cancer of the fourth stage, complicated by metastases in the spine, began to develop when Tumanova was carrying a third child. An expensive operation in Israel and courses of therapy had a positive effect, but only for a while. Now in the comments people admire her fortitude and thank you for your assistance to many desperate.


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