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This ViVA: a new look at Opera

Popular the team decided to show that Opera singers don't necessarily have to do only famous Aria

The ViVA group is preparing a surprise for their fans: very soon will release the new album "Live for you". This is the first case in history when the soloists of musical theatres release an album of original music. The album will consist of 16 pieces, each of which captures the essence of the album title. On its creation worked not only soloists, ViVA, record their songs, but Alexander Rosenbaum, Vladimir Presnyakov, Alexander Morozov, Vladimir Evzerov, Sergei Kowalski. The basic idea of the album — to talk about what on this earth are men to love and protect their wives and children, to be leaders, to set goals and achieve them, regardless of circumstances.

"As a rule, the work of Opera singers — a performance of famous arias from classical works, — says the soloist ViVA Olexandr Balyk. Today's Opera singers sing that many times sang to them, and will sing them after hundreds of Opera singers around the world. And we, the first ever Opera singers, United in one team, sharing not Opera repertoire, and original music. The Opera singer does not have to perform the classic Opera works. The Opera singer is, above all, cultural perceptions, education, the creative vision of the world, the highest point of musical art.

Our album is the author's development from this point of view. We do not go, that is, for public consumption and not trying to conform to trends and fashion. We are guided by the main factors: mastery, the meaning of the work, soul, musicianship, harmony. This is something that will cling to the soul. In this album there are no songs-by-night, there is no "hype", it's a real serious music, the kind which they wrote classics, which wrote in the Soviet era, only our music — the music of today that will remain for centuries. I'm sure it will sing of the next generation!"


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