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Cords twisted new novel a year before the divorce

Published details of the personal life of the musician

Last may, Sergey Shnurov divorced a businesswoman named Matilda. But less than six months later, he led the ZAGS to a new passion — a 27-year-old heir to the Ural businessman Olga Abramova. According to a source close to the actor, the affair started a year ago, which quickly became known to his ex-wife.

The woman repeatedly attempted to save the marriage, but finally despaired and gave vent to his feelings — began to seek solace with other men. According to some, she's now Dating businessman Sergei Shponka. As for the fourth wife Shnurov — it is likely that the girl herself insisted on not to postpone the formalization of relations, after all, a performer difficult to tolerate loneliness. It is also said that the socialite had a successful experience of struggle against dependence on illicit substances that can have a positive impact on the host not quite sober 45-year-old musician, reports


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