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The wife of Sergey Zhukov thanked the Oct for new love

Summing up the month, Regina Burd said about the breakup

The marriage of the leader of group "Hands up!" Sergei Zhukov is considered one of the highest in the Russian show business. The actor and his wife Regina Burd raising three children and conduct General business. Recently my wife Zhukov celebrated 33 anniversary. Summing up, Burd decided to write what they're thankful past month.

"October is over. What did he bring? — the beginning of Regina (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — A breakup at work. I broke up with the employee, who had high hopes. It's a minus. But it is a great experience, so plus."

Жена Сергея Жукова поблагодарила октябрь за новую влюбленность

Sergey Zhukov and Regina become a mother of three, Decapoda:

"In October I turned 33. And this is new horizons and knowledge. And another year in the Treasury of worldly wisdom. I fell in love! In some beautiful, wise, and tearing the soul of the actions of my husband. They helped me to open it from a new angle and make sure once again that I have it great!" — shared Burd, concluding: "Thank you October".


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