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Vlad Sokolovsky has already presented his father with a new girl

Couple resting in Cyprus

Vlad Sokolovsky likes to travel. Just a few days he spent in Moscow after arriving from Thailand to congratulate daughter MIA's first birthday. Again he in a hot country, this time he chose Cyprus. The choice of the island was not accidental, there is now his father, the soloist of group "IKS-Mission" Andrey Sokolov. Exemplary son came to congratulate the Pope on the day of birth, and at the same time to meet my new girl Natalia Sultanovoy, which is now everywhere accompanies Vlad.

Sokolovsky was quickly comforted after his divorce from Rita Dakota. New relationship he is clearly going to benefit. Solanova frequently published in his microblog of healthy recipes, as well as lurid detail of their workout. Thanks Natalia Vlad became committed to a healthy lifestyle began more actively to engage in the sport.


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