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Igor Nikolaev was an unpleasant passenger

The flight attendant reminded of the arrogant attitude of the artist and his wife

It is no secret that the life of our artists is part of the permanent roads. Regular shooting tour, and they prefer to rest away from home. Of course they get tired, but someone behaves politely on Board, and someone makes a fuss and chewing stewards. Such unpleasant passenger was Igor Nikolaev. The stewardess, who refused to give his name, recalled the common flights.

The woman had a chance to accompany in the air of many stars of domestic show-business. Nikolaev she remembered the arrogance and outright work to the public, than it is actively supported spouse. In the cabin he always came last, waiting until all are seated and will be able to pay attention to it. Long stood in the aisle, so all the passengers saw how lucky they are, loudly said, and during the trip from Nizhny Novgorod just a scandal. Because the route is short, while it is only a small snack, which was dissatisfied with the artist.

"When he brought the food, he was indignant: 'What can you offer? I deliberately didn't have Breakfast, and there is such a small portion. Take that!" — the stewardess quoted the portal "Ridus".


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