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Ex-participant of "House-2" Daria Druziak fainted at a fashion show

Pregnant girl feels bad because of the scandal with Alexander Serov

Ex-participant reality show "House-2" Daria Druziak was again in the media spotlight. The girl lost consciousness during the fashion show. She was lucky that turned out to be close friends who gave first aid and called the EMT reports "StarHit". These symptoms are very dangerous in the position of Daria. Recall, the lady claims that bremenn from Alexander Serov.

However, many don't believe her, and I think that Daria is specifically denigrates the artist, attributing him the rape and the future of fatherhood. The girl recently exposed to constant attacks from the fans of stars of the 90s. She argues that stress has become a very feel bad. It is unknown whether it will be able to keep the fetus because she was on the verge of miscarriage, experiencing a nervous breakdown because of the criticism of the audience in the show of Andrey Malakhov.


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