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Tatyana Vasilyeva received a head injury in the Moscow metro

The actress had to spend a few hours in the hospital

Despite the wishes of the nice day that Tatiana Vasilyeva received in the morning, Saturday, she turned out to be unsuccessful. In the morning the actress went to the gym, and got to Institute Sklifosovsky. She didn't have time to get on the train, there was no warning: "watch the closing doors" as they slammed sasami hurt her head.

In his "Integrame" Vasiliev recorded a video message on the theme that it shouldn't be. She blames the accident the driver of the train that did not pay attention to what the car came not all the passengers. The artist is a bruises on both temples, loose teeth, possible damage to the facial and optic nerves. Despite the injury, from the hospital, she refused — in the evening waited for her audience. Vasiliev, as always, was great on stage.

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Publication from Tatiana Vasilyeva (@vasileva_vtg)3 Nov 2018 10:47 PDT


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