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Elina Mazur found his own son Oleg Yakovlev

There is another contender for the apartment eks-the soloist "ivanushek"

Former lead singer of the popular band "Ivanushki International", died in June last year. From the family at that time there was only the civil wife of Alexander Kutsevol, however, when talking about inheritance, the contractor found a number of relatives. Another notorious Elina Mazur presented the program "go public". She announced that Yakovlev has a native son.

"In 1998 a boy was born, which is listed on the birth certificate "Yakovlev Igor Olegovich". And there are a huge number of photos, which confirm that from the first days of life Oleg talked to the boy," said Mazur. "They were very close as father and son. I know that Oleg really helped Tatiana, his mother".

Why Oleg didn't tell anyone about this your family? Why silent before the mother of the heir? Why the secrecy? But nevertheless, young man, and his mother, are the name of Yakovlev.


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