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Svetlana Zeynalov finally showed the younger daughter

The presenter noted fun world men's day

Host of "Good morning" on the First channel Svetlana Zeynalov recently for the second time became a mother. Some time she is cohabiting with a man, Dimitri, who hides from the public. Last spring she gave him a daughter Veronica. The active mom has already started to work, because it does not think of itself without the light of spotlights and cameras. To the increased attention she decided to teach little daughter.

In his microblog she published the first video of the baby on which subscribers have a good look at her face. Dimitri always tries to cheer up Veronica, jumping children's music. 5-month-old girl is clearly like.

Interestingly, behind the scenes, Svetlana says about the wedding dance. Really, after so many years of relationship, after Dmitry found a common language with her older daughter Alexandra, who suffers from autism, Zeynalov decided to say Yes to him?

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Publication of svetlanazey zeynalova (@svetlanazey)3 Nov 2018 at 4:47 PDT


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