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Katherine Spitz brought out the groom

And Igor Saruhanov and Denis Klyaver formed their musical brotherhood. Details — in the secular review

Last week in Moscow there was a real cinepremiere abundance. Almost every day in different places of the city presented a picture for every taste and all the premiere was not without guest stars. And interest in the movie was shown not only by those interested in them professionally, but also musicians, and even members of the political establishment. looked at the familiar faces.

Movie premiere, "charge", October 29,

Catherine Spitz was first published with her fiancé, the General Director of club Ruslan Panov. As it turned out, the young people got engaged less than a month ago. The actress received a proposal of marriage and a big bouquet of flowers from their beloved on the stage of the theatre named after Bulgakov's play. However, about the impending wedding, the bride and groom while saying nothing.

Катерина Шпица вывела в свет жениха

Igor Saruhanov and Denis Avramenko Clavulanate

Igor Saruhanov and Denis Klyaver formed on kinogeroyami their musical brotherhood. The mood of colleagues was excellent, but what Igor and Denis were so happy meeting each other or meeting with the film — remains a mystery.

Катерина Шпица вывела в свет жениха

Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Avramenko Chumachenco

The couple Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov briefly left the relatives of his little daughter Amelia, which is barely a year old, and they themselves escaped to a social event that takes place in young stellar family very rarely. By the way, a month ago, Julia and Alex celebrated wooden wedding, that is the fifth anniversary of married life.

Катерина Шпица вывела в свет жениха

Dmitry Peskov Nikolay Avramenko Rogozienski

If girls suddenly appear at the party in similar dresses, they usually quickly retire or demonstratively photographed together, turning everything into a joke. In this case, a serious person Dmitry Peskov and Nikolay Rogozin testified that talking explicitly about the fact that they have almost identical costumes.

Movie premiere, film House, October 30

Катерина Шпица вывела в свет жениха

Julia Ramberghini Avramenko

The actress Yulia Rutberg a few months ago were afraid of fire meetings with the press, which discussed only changed the appearance of the actress. But now Julia has come out of hiding and gives fans and some expressive images.


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