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Psychic about Oleg Yakovlev: "I see no son"

However, Marianne Abravitova believes that the young man can indeed get part of the inheritance of the deceased singer

Oleg Yakovlev, the soloist of group "Ivanushki International", did not in June 2017. About the personal life of the artist before did not know practically nothing, except that some years the actor was in a civil marriage with Alexandra Kutsevol. However, recently a lawyer Elina Mazur presented to the public a young man called his son. According to her, the young man was born in 1998 and is listed on the birth certificate "Yakovlev Igor Olegovich". Now fans are wondering whether the singer had a secret family, or the story of the child that no one knew is just an attempt to get the inheritance Yakovlev. Especially for the situation was commented by the psychic and tarragon Marianne Abravitova.

"I don't see any son, she said. — The child who was present for his own son, is not. Yes, it very much helped this child and his mother, were friends with them, you might say, contained them to some extent. The boy was incredibly attached to him. But it is not his son."

"If you conduct a DNA test, we are all in this sure — sure Abravitova. — Everything that is happening around this situation, is shrouded in mystery and darkness. Everyone pulls the blanket over himself and tries to pretend not because of who is really is. Someone calls herself a wife, someone podmigivaet child. But still most of the pros on the side of the woman who lived with him. Indeed, while the odds in her way."

Экстрасенс об Олеге Яковлеве: «Я не вижу никакого сына»

Until recently, the only close person Yakovlev was considered his common-law wife of Alexander, Cutivate:

"If there are good lawyers, and this young man, Igor Yakovlev, may receive part of the inheritance. Since kinship is still there. These relationships are distant, not directly. Any competent advocate of the high aerobatics can beat the story and come out a winner, having won the youth portion of the property. That, in principle, logical. Igor may get something, but we should all clearly understand that he is not native son Yakovlev", — said the psychic.


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