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Navka pushed Svetikova to break with Chadov

The singer spoke about his personal life

The graduate of "factory of stars" Svetlana Svetikova has found his happiness with figure skater-acrobat Alexey Polishchuk about eight years ago. During this time they had two sons: Cristian and Milan. Currently the pair lives in a civil marriage. To the question about the reason for the lack of a stamp in the passport, the singer replied: "the Relationship is a test women on the opportunity to give her man a feeling of freedom and at the same time, to be with him".

Publication of Svetlana Svetikova (@svetikova_music)15 Sept 2018 at 4:57 PDT

It is known that before the meeting with the current choice of the actress was having an affair with the star of Russian cinema Andrey Chadov. For a long time had a vivid emotions, but Svetlana dreamed about harmony and family welfare. To listen to their desires and to pay attention to another man nearby, who will Polishchuk, has helped the singer's close friend Tatiana Navka, reports


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