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Julia Nachalova: "We are now at the stage of candy-gummy period"

The singer talked about the relationship with her boyfriend

Singer Julia Nachalova, as you know, the unmarried woman, however, recently it began to see the secular parties in the company of an unknown young man. About Nachalovo we only know that his name is Vyacheslav and he is working in the judiciary. Because there is the actress with him rarely, and more recently and does come one, the fans got worried, didn't break up this pair? However, Julia hastened to dispel doubts. It open up with on the subject of personal life.

"We are now at the stage of candy-gummy period. However, I don't want to think about wedding rings and a ceremony of laying flowers to the monument. And actually, I think that I'm in that period where still can choose. I say, and I think," said the artist.

As explained by Julia, now she is very selective to the relationship.

"Many times, I was in a relationship, married! My first marriage was once — from my parents ' house. But as said by Julia Roberts in the movie "Eat. Pray. Love“ finally I had the backlash at the time when I can be alone with his thoughts. I am now very careful in relationships, I have friends that can take care of me, to invite them to dinner, to a lunch date. These are my good friends. But beloved I have one, I'm monogamous. I don't want to waste yourself in vain. Especially because I have a daughter, have a job where I concentrate my energy," admitted Nachalova.

Юля Началова: «Мы сейчас находимся в стадии конфетно-мармеладного периода»

Now the couple converto-bouquet период

According to the singer gained life experience helps her to communicate exclusively with worthy candidates.

"Now I would never meet with men who batter language and do actions. For me it is now important that the people making them. Let it be just one act or two, but men will answer for their words and to take seriously what they say and what do. Unfortunately, 99 percent of the youth today has no sense of responsibility for anyone or for what they promised to do," concluded Nachalova.


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