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Maria Kravchenko publicly insulted the Kazakh singer

Lauren Tyrolean shamed colleague for rudeness

On his return from Moscow tour in Almaty, the Kazakh star of the pop scene Lauren Tyrol accidentally grabbed the Luggage flying suitcase the participant of the show "Comedy Woman" Nadezhda Sysoeva, who looked just like her own.

Publication of Loren Tirol''skaya (@loren_music_official)6 Nov 2018 at 7:33 PST

Nothing suspecting, the singer drove to the house and fell asleep. The next day she found on Instagram a video message from colleagues, umoristi Maria Kravchenko. In the frame of the artist described to the subscribers of the situation, calling the pop diva a "chicken". That said, I promptly returned the thing to the rightful owner. "Let us in all circumstances to remain human beings. If the person is a famous actor, it does not give the right to be rude and insult people," shamed the shrew the comedienne.


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