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The wiki about Maria Kravchenko: "Spread on the social network abusive posts is bad form"

The scandal mixed up with a suitcase is gaining momentum

Artists are busy people, we work literally wear. Concerts, travels, flights, shooting. It is not surprising that sometimes the nerves pass. That is what happened in the early morning at Almaty airport with the actress Comedy Woman Maria Kravchenko. Together with a colleague at the show Hope Angarsk she was looking for the baggage when it was revealed that the suitcase of another participant of the Comedy project Hope Sysoeva by mistake took a young singer from Kazakhstan Lauren Tyrol. Baggage claim at any airport in the world is always a challenge. You never know, you will leave your bag on the conveyor belt. And as much as every day lost a valuable cargo! Wrong not only hotels, but also ordinary passengers. Actually, this happened because of the time difference and the early departure of Lauren was not feeling well and just didn't pay attention that the suitcase, which she took, not her, especially since he looked exactly the same.

The singer noticed the error at home, only a few hours later, I was sent the suitcase in the hotel where he stayed actress Comedy Woman. But it turned out that while Lauren was sleeping, Maria Kravchenko managed to Excel: to publish storis in Instagram to call the singer "some chicken". It is clear that Kravchenko played so long ago in the project the role of the battle ax that he unwittingly reflected on her image in real life. But a grown man should be able to control their emotions, and especially his words, transmitting them to social networks. From the mouth of Mary the word "chicken" to Lauren sounded like something particularly disgusting. All over the world now say that women should support each other, and then the insult out of nowhere. Where has the sense of humor of comedic actress? Really it was the only possible wording? Or is that star, and if you participate in a popular show, it is possible not to stand on ceremony with "mere mortals"? Very interesting, will follow this incident an apology. And while their opinion was expressed by the pianist, composer Vicky (Victoria) Lee.

Вики Ли о Марии Кравченко: «Выкладывать в соцсети оскорбительные посты — это дурной тон»

Vicki Lee believes that a public person has no right to fall "to a level yard punks"Photo: materials of press-services

"I know Lauren, and I'm sure she would never take someone else's thing specifically. But it's a banal everyday situation, you never know who and when forgotten the Luggage or take by mistake someone else's bag that looked exactly like his? As for Maria Kravchenko... I do not understand why it has become fashionable among celebrities publicly to each other to insult. If you're a public person, it's good to keep the brand and not stoop to the level of neighborhood punks. It is clear that in life there are different situations, and sometimes difficult to restrain negative emotions, but to do it publicly and share in social network abusive posts, calling someone is bad manners. I find it very difficult to imagine that in the academic environment, among Opera singers or classical musicians, it would be possible. And on the stage and show business is often. You have to understand where legs grow. Where did this come from? Culture is not a mass of popular "culture" is degrading in the eyes, it is not clear who will be the actors (if you can call them that), it is not clear who is trying to wriggle and "sing" that hurt the ears, but how much pathos. These "stars" and allow themselves like that. Sadly," shared Vicki Lee.


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