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Clairvoyant about Bondarchuk and Bogomolova: "the Love they have"

Saona believes that it is because of Svetlana, the Director left his wife

Joint photo of Svetlana Bondarchuk and Konstantin Bogomolov has caused an unprecedented stir in the Network. "I love him to tears," has signed a frame socialite. The Director has published a similar shot, but without signature. Now fans of gossip, whether the couple has an affair. At the moment Svetlana and Konstantin free. However, at the beginning of this year, Bondarchuk attributed relationship with 37-year-old photographer and gallery owner Sergey Tabunov. But apparently this information is outdated. Bogomolov divorced Daria frost last September. It is curious that, according to experts hereditary woman and Tarot reader of the Saône, Constantine left his wife because of Svetlana.

Ясновидящая о Бондарчук и Богомолове: «Любовь у них есть»

Before Bondarchuk attributed relationship with 37-year-old photographer and gallery owner, Sergei Tabnavigator:

"Yes, the love they have, it is clear that the relationship is warm and tender. People are drawn to each other. But he clearly loves her more than she is. She has a lot of worries and nerves. Setbacks in his personal life behind, but the whole feeling in my heart remained. Yeah, she's careful and well thought out. And this is not surprising. Her family was and treason, and strife, we can say that she experienced the discomfort of living with her ex-husband. The current one is fully drawn to her. And left his family for her. Sad as it may sound, it was the cause of his separation with wife. He fell in love with her to unconsciousness. They will be together. Nothing will prevent their happiness," said Saona.

Ясновидящая о Бондарчук и Богомолове: «Любовь у них есть»

Konstantin Bogomolov and Daria Moroz divorced in September, godatta:

"All will be developed gradually. They're both people with experience of family life. Understand what they need and for what they do. They came to that age that does not want to constantly change partners, jumping from side to side in pursuit of something better. All of them will be quite smooth and stable. Overall, I can say that later it will lead to marriage," — said the witch.


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