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Angelina Jolie and brad pitt: finally found a compromise

Former spouses managed to agree on important for both

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt broke up nearly two years ago. And almost all the time (from September 2016) they are in a state of divorce and the carve-up of six children — biological and adopted.

First, the children were constantly with their mother. However, in the summer of this year, the ball was on the side of pitt. When brad is done with alcohol, and in parallel completed a course of psychotherapy, the court of Los Angeles relented and allowed him to see more of your children. At first it was allowed to communicate with them four days a day, then up to ten hours daily. At the same time angelina is prescribed not to obstruct the father of children during meetings, and cease to tell the children anything about it impartially. Otherwise, threatened to Jolie, she might even be deprived of the right of custody. According to the court, exclusion of children is bad for their psyche, so they need to see both mother and father.

I remember that Jolie resented this decision of the court. And this explains the emergence of a number of interviews in which she talked about pitt not the most pleasant thing — as he yelled at the kids and could fail due to some little thing. Brad could not resist and also in response said something about ex — wife, for example, that Angie has a big problem with the psyche.

In short, everyone expected that the war between the former spouses after these remarks will continue with renewed vigor. So the news that angelina and brad finally managed to negotiate and decide all questions of child custody, in Hollywood (and not only) became a sensation. However, the information has already confirmed the lawyer Samantha Bley DigIn.

"The procedure care was agreed a few weeks ago and was signed by both parties and a judge, she told reporters Reuters. Is the agreement based on the recommendations of the expert in respect of custody of children, makes it unnecessary to the court."

However, the most interesting — about what is ultimately agreed actors, however, remained unknown. "The details of the agreement confidential and shall not be disclosed in the interests of children," refused to disclose the details of the lawyer.


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