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Gough was at the centre of a love scandal

Beloved famous rapper admitted that she had to terminate her pregnancy

Until recently, all discussing the breakup Gufa and singer Keti Topuria from "A-Studio". And here was a blonde Yana from Ekaterinburg has shared intimate details of their relationship with the Body (real name Alexey Dolmatov). The girl gave a candid interview with the publication StarHit, which told that she had an abortion. Their alleged relationship with the Body was cloudless, until she told him that she was pregnant. This news, according to Jana, the musician took a very negative and said that the child does not recognize, and to be a father can not, because I always use protection. That is why the beloved rapper and decided prevratiti pregnancy. Although, in her confession, if the rapper apologize to her, she'll forgive him and even give a chance to start their relationship from scratch.

Гуф оказался в центре любовного скандала

Guf and Katie Tournaisian

Recall that according to some reports, when Ian started seeing Body, she was 18 years old. The girl was hoping for her rapper throw Katie. She even threatened to send Topuria intimate photos with the Body. At the same time the rapper Gufa is a legitimate son Themselves, who in 2010 gave birth to his ex-wife, model and business lady ISA Dolmatova (second marriage — Anokhin). Say that the marriage broke up due to the fact that the ISA is not able to defeat the habit of Alexey to the partying, alcohol and drugs. After the divorce, Alex has continued to lead a free lifestyle. And after a while found solace in the arms of the singer Keti Topuria. But before all be happy for the star couple, as Gough and Katie split up — this beautiful Union collapsed just a girl Ian. By the way, Yana became instantly popular due to just its connection with the Body. Her pictures are everywhere now, and candid interviews she gives, adding more intimate details.


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