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Bari Alibasov lured the wife to the Registrar of deception

Lydia Fedosseeva-Shukshina not know that is a bride

80-year-old Lydia Fedosseeva-she admitted to journalists of NTV that she was not ready for the important step of marriage. Bari Alibasov invited her to the registry office as a witness for a friends wedding. And on the spot offered to "formalize the relationship". Journalists who were trying to figure out the details of one of the most sensational wedding of the year, the wife Bari Alibasov Lidiya Fedoseeva Shukshina frankly admitted that she was surprised when the groom, unable to really make a suggestion, immediately pulled out his box of rings, all of which suddenly appeared the camera.

This couple of newlyweds who decided to get married in his old age, difficult each other to surprise. The pair maintains friendly relations for nearly 20 years, periodically announcing about the wedding, about the breakup. Being in such romantic circumstances, in old age, actress Fedoseeva-Shukshina plays a sincerely loving, and a husband who is almost 10 years younger than his wife, tirelessly shares his happiness.

Marriage with Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina for Alibasov — the fifth in my life, and for his wife — the sixth successful attempt to marry.

All the charges of "bigamy" and claims the former wife of producer rejected the lawyer Sergei Zhorin. It turns out that Alibasov have time to dissolve the marriage with the same wife just a few months before the new marriage. The termination of the marriage bond was issued through lawyers to put a stamp in the passport and get a divorce, former spouses can, even without meeting each other. All these details are evidence that the groom is seriously prepared the wedding, keeping all of this secret from a future wife.


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