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The cold war: what happened in the Royal family

Kensington Palace has responded to the rumors about the conflict Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

Since then, as the younger grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Harry married American actress Meghan Markle, the press increasingly alarming fall and scandalous news from the Royal house. According to rumors, the youngest Princess Megan does not get along with family, especially Kate Middleton, up to the fact that he and Harry had offered to leave Kensington Palace in the centre of England and to live separately, on the territory of Windsor castle. Allegedly because of a quarrel princesses, even the Holy feast of the Nativity of the family of the princes are going to come across apart. This news, which is now being discussed all, in a strange way was leaked to the press, and to clarify the relationship between relatives added the so-called "hunting for moles" — Elizabeth ordered to find and to dismiss the one who leaked the scandalous information to journalists. While London denies all the speculation.

"This quarrel never happened!" — short cut the representative a press-services.

Hearing about the discord in a noble family seriously undermines the reputation of the monarchy — the fundamentals of the traditions of the United Kingdom.

To support the compatriot who find themselves the cause of the conflict, decided the ex-first lady of America, Michelle Obama. In an interview with a popular magazine, Michelle said: "just Like me, Megan probably never dreamed that she would have such a life. Now she has to contend with pressure from both the people and the relatives. I recommend Megan to take the time to do anything."

According to foreign media reports, William and Kate Middleton took the decision to spend Christmas with the Middleton family, the estate, Belbari is a charming manor house in the Georgian style, owned by middleincome family clan. There needs to come a younger sister Kate, Pippa, who is married to millionaire James Matthews, and all of their relatives. There, as the press reports, William will have plenty to indulge in your favorite entertainment — boring Board games.

The Royal family, meanwhile, has traditionally gone to celebrate Christmas in Norfolk and Prince Harry with Meghan Markle, will spend the holidays in the family circle.

While there is no certainty whether the Royal family together for the holiday table, or a crack in a relationship would destroy the traditions of a family Christmas.


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