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Daughter Aspen feels the presence of the Pope

16-year-old Agnes replied angrily anyone who believes that it is promoted on the death of his father

After leaving Eugene's life in Aspen the press and public with a keen interest met his daughter the artist Agnes. On coincidence of circumstances, 16-year-old girl suddenly appeared in the center of media attention, everyone noticed her beauty and talent — Agnes writes songs, sings, plays the piano. The number of subscribers to its "Instagram" in response to recent events is growing like an avalanche, and, besides sympathizers and well-wishers, there were those who believed that Agnes uses her father's death for their own glory.

"I get the message that the Pope was not necessary to me while he was alive, and now I go and PR. It is sad to realize that if you never go to the gear and say in life: "My dad drinks, but I love him" — so you don't like it. But if you just sit at home and silently helping him, if you stand next to him under the gun cameras?" she responded to the haters in the video.

Дочь Осина ощущает присутствие папы

Evgeny Osin wife and deteriorate:

In fairness, it should be noted that among the recent publications in the personal blog of a girl @agniaosina — entirely family album of black and white photographs. Agnes dedicates recognition to his father, "You're the best musician, your songs are incredible. I love everything.... I feel you somewhere near and every day you say "good morning" and "Goodnight".

Maybe the daughter, exposing heart, it really deals with the spirit of his father, who, looking from heaven is her guardian angel.


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