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Vladimir Kuzmin dedicates the song to the new girl

The current fiancee of the musician younger than his 37 years

On one of the biggest musical events of the year Vladimir Kuzmin outdid their peers not bright clothes. His companion, a young blonde with model looks, has become the object of attention and envy of journalists and colleagues. Recall that for the first six months as divorced. According to various sources, the new girlfriend of Vladimir Kuzmin 26 years, she's a trained music Manager, but with the artist it not only binds the work. This girl is Svetlana, said that the new album has songs dedicated to her.

63-year-old Vladimir Kuzmin — not just a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, but also a large star father, he was married several times. Married to the poetess Tatiana Artemieva (which lasted from 1977 to 1985) Vladimir Kuzmin had three children: daughter Elizabeth (born in 1977, was killed in 2002), son Stephen (born in 1983, died in 2009, escaping from the fire), daughter Sophia Kuzmin (born in 1985). In addition, the artist has illegitimate children — daughter Martha (1986) and Nicholl (1987). Singer also raised a foster son, Nikita (1987) — the child of his first wife from a previous relationship.

Владимир Кузьмин посвящает песни новой девушке

Vladimir Kuzmin daughter, Sonatta:

Most striking in the history of the personal life of Vladimir Kuzmin was having an affair with Alla Pugacheva, which they never formalized the relationship. Afterwards he met his love in America, left Russia for a few years, but the relationship with American wife broke up. 17 years all admired the beautiful musician's Union with Catherine, a charming blonde who was younger than Vladimir for 27 years. And here is a new novel which, according to rumors, was the cause of his divorce from his last wife.


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