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Clairvoyant: "Topalov and Todorenko has three kids"

Galina Janko spoke about the future of a couple, which she saw not only family happiness, but another woman

Today it became known that Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko in secret got married. The couple who from day to day waiting for the birth of our first son, we decided to formalize their relationship with the closest people and fans about the joyous event became known only a month after the wedding. Clairvoyant, the magician and tarragon Galina Janko sure it's not an accident: "Everything was done secretly, because the beautiful couple, many who are jealous. Topalov — eligible bachelor, the place Todorenko many claim. Girls who tried to get the attention Topalov, just anything taken, to embroil these people. See the gossip and slander, some lady bright, I show the card, tried to reach out even to the black magicians in order to breed this pair. But nothing came of it".

"These people will be together, and nothing will prevent their happiness. According to fate, I see three children of the couple. But not everything is rosy. Later there will be a woman who declares that she Topalov has a child. Start an endless discussion in the press and court proceedings. The woman will require the adoption of a child. It's a bit of a negative impact on relations within the family. Regina on the people will hold very well. Of course, these problems are not so exaggerate on their own family hearth. The situation is normal, because in the end everyone will understand that this child is not Topalov," he said Janko.

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Publication from regina todorenko (@reginatodorenko)Aug 27, 2018 at 11:15 PDT

"Regina will become a mother soon. In the process of pregnancy and childbirth will be small difficulties, but all ends well. Don't see what this pair can break up. Destiny, it's for life. We can say that they are two halves of one whole. After birth, Todorenko leave a little bit in a lull. Years 4 nothing outstanding in terms of creativity to expect from Todorenko is not necessary. She immersed in the quiet family life that, in General, very satisfied," — said the psychic.

"Topalov is a very loyal husband. Cheating and Affairs I do not see. Next year it's going to work completely and will delight us with their creativity. He's a bit in the shade. But it's not for long, — the tarragon. Funding I see nothing wrong. The money the family will go stable. Soon he will be offered some work abroad, but moving and traveling I do not see. The next year I also see some major purchase, perhaps this estate. Topalov need to pay attention to their health in terms of the pancreas and liver. All the days of wild youth, partying and touring can be felt. Now his life has settled, but before, you see, was a lot. Todorenko cards marks even a man who until the last minute tried not to let her marry. But her love for Vlad finally put all the dots".


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