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Alan Mamayev has accused her husband of infidelity

Footballer's wife said that because her husband's mistress was implicated in the scandal

The wife of football player of FC "Krasnodar" Pavel Mamaev, who is sitting in jail for hooliganism and beating people in Moscow along with his colleague, footballer Alexander Kokorin, has published evidence of her husband's infidelity. Alan Mamayev actively fought for the release from prison of her husband, which he got after the scandal, on 8 October, when together with Alexander Kokorin was involved in two fights that took place in the center of Moscow. As a result of beatings suffered by the driver leading the First channel Vitaly Solovchuk, and head of the Department of industry and trade Denis Pak and CEO of the US Sergey Gaisin.

20 Nov Alan Mamaev announced the start of sales of hoodies in support of the imprisoned players. According to the model, so it made for a fair trial.

And now, new information: Alana caught her husband, who fought so hard for treason.

On the eve of Mamayev went live on Instagram in which he told about adultery Paul. Then she published a post, in the signature which also told of cheating husband, phone number razluchnitsy and noting that she is the player involved in the conflict. Later, Mamaev chose to remove the publication of the compromising spouse.

"Of course I yelled at him. Today he's with her again rewritten. I say, I love you, I'm waiting... He said to me: "Where are the children?" I said, "I led the children to go on the court together, because the children miss you". We have problems with the child. Alex can't live without him at all. I said, "You love me?" He didn't answer. "Why are you texting her again?" He's not answering," said live Mamayev.

Judging by the sincere emotion, Alan Mamayev, which has long stated that it was ready to divorce her husband, now go to the end.

In the family Mamewah two children grow up. Son Alex from his first marriage to Alana (Pavel Mamaev became his foster father) and shared a little girl. Alan Mamaev, in the past successful model, currently not working, is family.


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