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Star "Voronin" Ekaterina Volkova complained of a lack of demand

After a huge success in comedic roles she was not invited in a serious movie

Actress Ekaterina Volkova gave an interview for the YouTube channel "Empathy Manucy", where he told that the role in the sitcom "Voronin" brought her first lot of joy, but soon became the cause of big disappointments. The actress is now 9 plays a major role in the popular series, but the other role it does not.

All the Directors it is associated with a frivolous way of Faith, therefore, not invited to the auditions and do not believe in its possibility.

From a financial point of view to have a long engagement is a great success. But from the point of view of creative, own irrelevance Ekaterina Volkov brings to tears. It happens that journalists confuse her name, signing "Voronin" instead of "Volkova". "There are no jobs. Nothing to show at major film festivals," complains the actress.

Звезда «Ворониных» Екатерина Волкова пожаловалась на невостребованность

Ekaterina Volkova have already decorated the house to the New godovoe:

However, the public is difficult to understand her problem. Ekaterina Volkova was cast in the series, leaving 6 contestants time to be in advertising, plays in the theater. Her family life is also turned out well. Talented dancer Andrey Karpov came to the show, which played Catherine, fell in love and invited the actress for one of their dance lessons. The affair lasted almost a year. In 2010, he made the woman offer in Paris, the couple got married, and in 2011 they had a daughter Elizabeth. According to rumors, the couple almost divorced when Andrew was involved in a popular TV dance project, he attributed the affair with Elena Armin van Buuren. But all went well. Now Ekaterina Volkova in the microblog shows great pictures of the Christmas decoration of his country house — the envy of all.


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