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Saona: "Vladimir Kuzmin was looking for this girl her whole life."

A clairvoyant told about the relationship of the musician with his new beloved that his age is 37 years old

This summer, the 63-year-old Vladimir Kuzmin divorced his wife Catherine after 17 years of marriage. However, the loneliness of a musician didn't last long — he first appeared in public with new girlfriend. Charming blonde name is Svetlana, she is a certified music Manager, and the couple does not hide the feelings to each other. It is noteworthy that the girl Kuzmina younger than 37 years old — she's 26. However, with ex-wife, the musician also had a serious age difference — almost the same as the age of his new lover. While fans Kuzmina do this love arithmetic, a hereditary witch and tarragon Saona said that this relationship is much more serious than it might seem at first glance.

"Kuzmin was looking for a girl my whole life. With her he is well, light and pleasant. She not pretentious, not stellar. She genuinely loves. Do not see on the cards that her actions have some kind of intent. Also don't see that Kuzmin is doing something through force. All with ease, we can say, by mutual interest and consent.We love and attraction. This girl has completely changed his world. Their relationship is incredibly touching. He began to look at life in a different respect — sure psychic. — In his life: wives, children, Grand career, but it was not that of a loved one, which would open him to the beauty of the world. He cannot live without her for 5 minutes. He is constantly interested in her and, of course, jealous. If they're together, he keeps her in sight so she won't go anywhere".

Саона: «Владимир Кузьмин искал такую девушку всю свою жизнь»

This summer Kuzmin divorced his wife Catarinella Sharlovskoe

"She was simple, not interested in trends or social events, nor any other expensive gifts. Although I can say that Kuzmin is a very generous man. My favorite indulges. He, by the way, if something she gives, that necessarily make gifts, if possible, some kind of signature engraving, is that it really stayed in her memory for life. On the cards I see that later they will marry," said Saona.

"By the way, this girl wants married and wants their relationship was for life. But I want to note that Kuzmin himself has one character trait — he could fall in love, to illuminate, right in the pool with his head, and then, for unknown reasons, dramatically cool down. Here I do not see these dynamics, but it can be", — concluded the tarragon.


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