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Mistress Gufa told how he met

She made a scandalous statement: it turns out, the rapper seduced her to adulthood

Yana Shevtsova in his Instagram posted a detailed story about the circumstances under which she met rapper Body. The cause of revelation, according to her, the night was lonely and in a terrible mood, which she shared with her subscribers.

"Good time, even night. The night is always pushing us to actions that we stifle. Always and everywhere ask questions, where you are met a Body, let me tell it to you, and only you... Was the beginning or somewhere in the middle of January, when I was sitting in a cafe in Moscow, we somehow happened in dialogue with Alex, we have become each other cute. Why not have a chat anymore, we thought..." (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., and the beginning of his narrative Shevtsova.

"He invited me to his home. Well, if we had sympathy for each other, I agreed. Arriving at the Alex home, he offered me a drink. To which I refused and he kept insisting that I drink and to support the company. We were together, I was very pleased to communicate with him, knowing that like him, I do not meet anywhere, ever. The conversations went on, he continued to impose a drink..." — says the girl. Further Shvetsov admitted that it is against the background of alcoholic intoxication was their intimacy with the Body.

Любовница Гуфа рассказала, как с ним познакомилась


"To leschi I didn't have men," said Jana.

"He took a chance and accomplished something, which I wept, as if somebody had taken away a part of my life. He promised, he swore that he will always be there. What would have happened. He was there until when I was 18 years old," concluded the girl.

He Guf on the eve of the live "Instagram" said that all his life will love the Kathy Topuria.


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