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In honor of the birthday of Alla-Victoria, Philip has become a wizard

My daughter's party the singer celebrated with truly Royal scale

The successor of Philip Kirkorov was 7 years old. Arranging a celebration in honor of the birthday of his daughter, the king of pop has not stinted on the special effects and scenery are renowned for his show. This time a children's holiday, he turned into a pile of magical surprises. Judging by the recognition of Philip himself, preparing for the holiday he began long since in his greeting of the daughter wrote that the evening would be "magic wands from the famous fairy tale of the Magical Castle of Hogwarts that I had brought from a Distant America we all a year ago!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

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Publication from Philip (@fkirkorov)Dec 3, 2018 at 3:55 PST

Indeed, all guests were given a magic wand, but Philip was dressed like a real magician: embroidered in gold costume, with a diadem on his head, all the magic rings and bracelets.

В честь дня рождения Аллы-Виктории Филипп Киркоров стал волшебником

Alla Victoria was a copy of his babuscio:

Adults in the room almost was not — they are lost in the crowd of well-dressed kids, who will certainly remember this event as one of the highlights in my life. Party guests with Harry Potter and other heroes of the popular film are many friends girls, all classmates, and, of course, friend of the Pope, among which were seen Alla Pugacheva, Stas Mikhailov, Tatiana Navka and other celebrities. Many noted that in its seven years of Alla-Victoria was an exact copy of the mother of Philip Kirkorov.


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