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Rita Dakota: "we Have Sokolovsky was the best new year celebrations"

The ex-wife didn't divorce for a few months, but on Christmas eve had stopped the war for the sake of daughter

The participants of the project "Factory-7" Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky was married just over 3 years. In August 2018, the couple divorced, despite the fact that they have a one year old daughter grows up. The reason for the breakup Rita Dakota openly called the constant betrayal of Vlad, which she recognized only now. Among the dozens of mistresses and was a friend of Rita, and their mutual friends and even the father of Vlad was aware of what is happening. When the treachery was discovered, Rita, with her characteristic frankness, immediately filed for divorce. The first time passion prevented spouses to communicate, but gradually they learned to maintain friendships now, as they say eyewitnesses, "talk right". According to the court, their common property will be recorded on a little daughter MIA.

Рита Дакота: «У нас с Соколовским были самые лучшие новогодние праздники»

Dakota believes in Christmas, codispoti:

Apparently, the story of the divorce left a deep and not yet healed mark on the soul of Dakota. In his Instagram she confessed that she recently burst into tears after seeing the Christmas decorations: "we Have Sokolovsky was the best Christmas holidays of my entire life. We made mulled wine and baked cookies, we bought matching sweaters with reindeer and collected in the city best Christmas toys for Christmas, we went to the fair, ate sugar cockerels and danced in the snow, we have included Frank Sinatra and lit garland around the house, we were really happy" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

Рита Дакота: «У нас с Соколовским были самые лучшие новогодние праздники»

Dakota and little Myphoto:

"When the pain goes away, and remains only a memory, only snow and gratitude, you suddenly forget all the bad things, you "turn off" all grievances and truly thank God and life for the experience, and with them, the people who have caused you pain, for happiness and love. Many did not have such a family ever in my life, and I had almost 5 years. Isn't that a reason to believe in miracles? Yesterday I realized, finally, that winter has come. This is "so stupid my first winter where I am", but I have the distinct feeling that she should be magical. I will make it so for MIA. After all, everyone should have a Christmas miracle, we create it ourselves...", said Dakota.


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