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Alexey Panin committed another bullying

According to official sources, the actor has violated the rules of the airline which flew from Istanbul to Moscow

Alexey Panin smoke on Board, locked himself in the toilet. All objections of the flight attendants, the actor retorted that his ex-wife was a flight attendant and taught him the "right to smoke" in the aircraft, covering a smoke detector that didn't work. In expressions Alexey Panin was rude, swearing, "screaming that he is a star and in Russia it will be nothing."

In addition, Alex drank alcoholic beverages, which is also prohibited during the flight, and insulted the crew because he did not hurry to bring a pen to sign autographs for passengers.

After landing 1 Dec at the airport "Vnukovo" the artist was detained by the police. By the way, during an argument with the crew, the actor insisted on it and warned that it will only communicate with law enforcement if there is a claim.

As writes RIA Novosti news Agency, the airline intends to recover from Panin forced all expenses, including sanitization of the aircraft.


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