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As the hit "Crying girl in the machine" got a second life

After the death of Eugene Osina all again reminded of his most famous song. But few know that this song already 60 years...

In November, died Evgeniy Osin. And all channels, remembering musician, certainly twisted the famous song "Crying girl in the machine". And today, few people remember that this thing was played long before Aspen, and the next year "Crying girl" will celebrate the 60th anniversary.

Some admirers Aspen thought that the words and the music was composed by the musician himself, others that the author is unknown and Eugene just covered yard song. In fact Osin had no relationship to authorship and was not even the first performer. But you have to admit that it was his cover version was the most successful.

And the story of this song began in 1959. Then the young poet Andrei Voznesensky wrote a poem "First ice". The text is very like the composer Oscar Feltsman, who invented the legendary "lilies" and hundreds of other popular tunes. Feltsman put poetry to music at the same time, in 1959. The composer allowed himself only the title and first word of the initial verse, changing "cold" to "crying". Thus was born the song "Crying girl in the machine", performed by Nina Dorda. Today's generation hardly remembers her, and at the time it was insanely popular singer. It is Vasily Aksyonov in his famous novel "the Moscow Saga" brought out under the name of Faith Proud. And just Nina the party and the Government of the Soviet Union almost got destroyed, as they said, "petty-bourgeois" song "lilies". Perhaps that is why the song "Crying girl in the machine" did not become a hit.

Как хит «Плачет девушка в автомате» получил вторую жизнь

Singer Nina Dorda was the first performer of "Girls". But for the end of the fifties, this song was too frivolous to sound all over the country

But in the 70s it finally found its audience. A song entitled "First ice" recorded VIA "Jolly fellows". In their version of the girl once again "freeze" and not "cries" — as in the original poem written by the poet.

But, of course, a real hit song has become thanks to Eugene Aspen. He recorded "the Girl" for his album "70th latitude". And quite willingly treated with the original, making a girl a girl and rewrote a good half of the lines. Many critics believe that to alter the words of the master was not required, but the public "Crying girl in the machine" like. And the song got a second life.


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