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Daughter Valeria started a blog for your dog

Anna Shulgina surprised by the unexpected actions

Daughter Valerie makes a career in show business and is independent. The girl changed her name and records his albums under the alias SHENA?. She changed her image and impressed the fans of short hair and white hair. Personal life Anna has defended the right to their own choice, and after four years of relationship with the rapper SLeMом star mother Valeria was forced to admit publicly that you agree to such a son-in-law, although it was intended for my daughter the other party.

Дочь Валерии завела блог для своей собачки

Miss Lisa Tigerfoot:

However, despite their adulthood Shulgin can not get rid of children's fads. In Instagram she's a personal blog for my dog @ms.eloise_tiger, which places a cute pet pic.

Дочь Валерии завела блог для своей собачки

Valery loves the dog, Anyphoto:

All the relatives and friends of the girl to support her idea, comments to pictures and write the groom Slam, and mother Valeria, and all the other relatives, and independent followers of the blog "Lisa tiger" is gaining likes and views.


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