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Anna Sedokova is fighting for the inheritance of the eldest daughter

After the death of her father, the footballer Valentin Belkevich, still go to trial in court

Anna Sedokova in his "Instagrame" urged the public to support her fight for a share of the inheritance to her eldest daughter Alina after her father's death, the football player Valentin Belkevich. According to the statement of the singer, the lawsuit continues for more than three years, and "the other side is delaying the process, buys the people, information, agrees with who can and can not, with the most powerful people in the country..." (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. The essence of this dispute, according to Anna Sedokova, not a showdown between her and another woman. The essence of the dispute is quite different — the need to protect the rights of the only daughter suddenly died Valentin Belkevich, who has not left behind a will. The parents of the player also support the position of the singer. Today will be the last meeting of the court of Appeal, where justice must follow its course.

Recall that Anna Sedokova in 2004, married a successful footballer Valentin Belkevich, who was 10 years older than the young wife. When the singer was 22 years old, she bore him a daughter, Alina. For the marriage, the actress with the scandal left the group "VIA Gra", which at that time was at the peak of popularity, broke the contract and ruined the relationship with the producer. But the family idyll is cracked when it became clear that Valentine supports in parallel relationship with another woman before meeting with Sedokova lived in a civil marriage. Anna in anger took two year old daughter and left secured at home "with one suitcase", unable to forgive her husband's betrayal.

In one of his interviews Sedokova said, "I know that I and my daughter will always be the most favorite women in his life. I think the Valentine never married," and she was right. Anna Sedokova was the only lawful wife of the famous footballer, who bore him an only daughter, Alina.

1 Aug 2014 it became known about the death of Valentin Belkevich. The man died from thromboembolism (acute blockage of a blood vessel by a blood clot, detached from their formation and into the circulating blood) on the 42nd year of life.


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