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Anastasia Tregubova is pregnant for the fourth time

The presenter said that already on the fifth month

Luxurious blonde "mom in Cuba" (as she calls herself on Instagram) Anastasia Tregubova soon going to become "mom squared".

Most recently, in January, came to light nick is the third child for 35-year-old presenter. But Anastasia said he was not against having another. And did not defer. Now she is five months. "First about this pregnancy guessed husband Sasha. He proposed: let's do a test and he was right!" — quotes Tregubova

In the family, except for Nicky, there are still 12-year-old daughter Lisa and 8-year-old son Misha.

Анастасия Трегубова в четвертый раз беременна

Pregnancy is decorated with Anastasia, Tregubovicha:

It is surprising that, with such a eventful family life, the TV presenter manages to stay in great shape and not fall out of the busy schedule. Despite the fact that most of her colleagues argue that the work to replace them with personal life, Anastasia Tregubova confident going up the career ladder. Starting with a model for men's magazines, she became the leading music channel, and now leads the morning show on the First channel, and continues with a car show, where personal experience of the testing machine. Tregubova is also frequently invited as a presenter at major events — the presentation of awards and concerts.

Анастасия Трегубова в четвертый раз беременна

Anastasia and Alexander rested in Thailandphoto:

She manages not only to work, take care of children, but also to spend a romantic vacation with her husband. Recently, the TV host posted fabulous photos from their holiday in Thailand.


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