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Anna Pletneva has suffered from "illnesses of legionaries"

The soloist of group "Vintage" has got to hospital where she was diagnosed with a sudden infection

The press got the reports that the charming Anna Pletnev, the soloist of group "Vintage" and mother of three children, was hospitalized with suspected pneumonia. For a long time she suffered from suffocating attacks of coughing and was self-medicating until he lost consciousness on the eve of one of the talks.

Yesterday, Pletnev delighted her fans — she was discharged from the hospital. Fortunately, doctors were able to identify the causative agent of the disease, dangerous bacterium Legionella.

The bacterium got its name because it was discovered in the lungs of participants of the 49th Convention of the American Legion in 1976. Therapist in Pennsylvania noticed that three of the patients who have been taking treatment for pneumonia, were members of this Congress. Soon there appeared the information that, of the 4,000 participants, 18 people died, and the others felt sick, like a pneumonia.

The bacterium was seeded with a fragment of the lung who died of Legionnaires ' disease man. The outbreak, according to scientists, provoked a colony of Legionella, to reproduce in a ventilation system installed in the hotel, where lived the participants of the Congress.

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Publication of Anna Pletneva (@dusya_star)Nov 27, 2018 at 5:39 PST

I can only imagine what would happen if the doctors did not put Anna Pletneva correct diagnosis. Now the soloist of group "Vintage" is the appropriate treatment, feeling good and ready on 8 December to perform at the concert in Kazan.


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