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Liza Boyarskaya gave birth to a second son

The happy news was confirmed by the brother of actress

Last night a pregnant Elizabeth Boyarsky was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Her brother Sergei Boyarsky confirmed that the delivery was successful. "Yes, Liza gave birth to a boy, healthy, son second. Congratulations to their parents, and Lisa, and Maxim. This is a welcome addition to our family. All are alive and well, it's all right," he told a TV channel REN TV.

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Publication of Elizaveta Boyarskaya (@lizavetabo)2 Dec 2018 11:53 PST

Before this event, Mikhail Boyarsky said that Lisa was going to be a boy, and announced the name of the grandson. The boy decided to call him. Elizaveta Boyarskaya happily married to a famous actor Maxim Matveyev, they have a son Andrew born in 2012.

Now twice a grandfather Mikhail Boyarsky had previously voiced their attitude to the replenishment of the family. Of course, he's happy, but would not mind to give birth to a granddaughter, and "circle in the family of some men". So, in all probability, Elizabeth and Maxim will have to try again. Lisa herself on maternity leave to sit plans, because in January it will work: it will be on the stage.


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