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Sadalsky has compromised alibasova

An old friend of the producer posted on his Instagram archive the

Stanislav Sadalsky has shared in his blog a candid photo of the producer of group "on-On", newlywed Bari Alibasov. This caused a big stir in the Network. The photo shows Alibasov tanned torso, covered with various tattoos: dragons, crosses and other characters. Journalists have even consulted with knowledgeable people, the meaning of these stories. But, from the point of view of the criminal world, drawings on the body of the producer doesn't mean anything.

Садальский скомпрометировал Алибасова

Bari Alibasov in the role of criminal autoritratto:

It is possible that tattoo fake — specially made for photo in the style of the movie "Gentlemen of fortune". It is known that Alibasov, and Sadalsky — great masters to organize provocations and scandals. But, in connection with the recent marriage minded, Bari Karimovich to such a dubious reputation can harm.

Stanislav Sadalsky does not Express an open negative attitude towards the latest news about the wedding alibasova and Shukshina, but my blog persistently puts hashtags: "#ashamed #benalia, #embarrassed, #dementia and #mean.

Sam Bari Alibasov has not yet commented on the act of a former friend, because I recently went on a honeymoon.


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