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Nyusha showed the perfect shape

The singer for the month recovered after childbirth

In November, the Russian singer Anna Shurochkina, known under the pseudonym Jane, gave birth to, but still hides the name of the child. Those who closely follow the news in the star family, recently learned that the NYSE and sports Manager Igor Sivova daughter was born, and dad was present at birth, although he is the third child.

Нюша показала идеальную форму

"My angel", calls Nyusha, gochoco:

The man was so overcome with emotion that he shared with your followers in Instagram and happiness, and impressions. "Guys, what I saw and felt is never felt in ordinary life.

Нюша показала идеальную форму

Igor Sivov finds the meaning of life and love, samyutta:

After that I am sure of one thing: women are a miracle, and they need to love, to care and to be on hand. No man will cope with the experiences of women during childbirth. Take care of their women. Now I just stop at all to argue, to nag, to make your accusations darling and beloved wife! Love you!" — written by Igor.

Нюша показала идеальную форму

Nyusha showed perfect formatto:

Nyusha is in no hurry to reveal the name and face of his daughter. But actively demonstrates how to quickly restore shape after childbirth. The singer is fond of yoga, and it only took a month to regain a slender waist.


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