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Lily Solovyov and Ivan Zhidkov again decided to leave

It seems that this time gap final

Liliya Solovyeva, the civil wife of a famous actor Ivan Zhidkova, after the birth of her son complained of severe depression. Publishing a beautiful family photo, she spoke in detail about the difficult birth, and didn't hide that he decided, "passing of a psychologist, immediately consult a doctor" and started taking antidepressants.

The young mother also hinted that in his personal life during the recovery period after childbirth is also not going smoothly: "in Short, not soon Stepa getting a brother or sister, because I remember it like it was yesterday... and Tap dance while sleeping with us."

Лилия Соловьева и Иван Жидков снова решили расстаться

Ivan Zhidkov always tried to be perfect, papitto:

While Ivan Zhidkov was not going to hide that maintains ties with his ex-wife, the darling of the audience Tatyana Arntgolts, which broke up two years ago and with 8-the summer daughter Masha from the actress. Ivan initiated a break with the kids, trying to show that he's a wonderful dad for my daughter and little Stepan. It seemed that the two women artist find a common language. However, once shared photos with his ex-wife has become a reason for leaving Solovieva. However, later, Lily reconciled with Jidkova. But as it turned out, briefly.

Лилия Соловьева и Иван Жидков снова решили расстаться

First time Solovyov decided to break with Jidkova after the actor posted a group photo with his ex-wife and dockett:

"We parted like ships at sea differ in the fog, a beacon beckoning. So to the question: "What's with you and Ivan?" the answer is the same: the total child, which we love to do" — signed Solovyov your last picture with Jidkova and son in the microblog. Now fans wonder if couple broke up finally, or again, soon will come the reconciliation, because once Lily has already made strong statements about the breakup with the father of her child.


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