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Anastasia Kostenko shared the success of his little girl

Wife Tarasova has published a new picture of the daughter

Anastasia Kostenko, the third wife of known football player Dmitry Tarasov, with the first days of life is cochranville games and gives advice on raising children.

"4 months. Flight chic. With our cute and incredibly positive little girl Milana" — praise the young mother of the achievements of his baby girl. Unlike star mothers that out of superstition surrounding the mystery of the details of family life and in no hurry to flaunt newborns, Anastasia Kostenko turns your personal blog into a family photo album. Every detail of the life of a young mom and her family is open to the interested views of Network users.

By choosing this kind of conscious position, a woman is ready to attacks of haters and envious and even entering into a dialogue with them: "First of all it is important to remember that negativity is a choice. Everyone chooses what to broadcast to the masses. Someone chose a very positive person, and someone negatives. As they say, a man is full of what flows from it," she says in his microblog (the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.


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