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Alan Mamayev exposed Victoria Bonia

Footballer's wife doesn't want divorce, but acknowledges the presence of another woman

While Pavel Mamaev together with footballer Alexander Kokorin remains in detention, the offended wife shares new details of her family life. Former model, mother of two children Alan Mamayev no longer able to contain their emotions about the infidelity of her husband. And, although the woman stubbornly States that are not willing to destroy a family, business quickly comes to divorce.

"Why are you so annoying that our family is the family? You want a divorce?! So, congratulations, you have bred and bred until now... the media..." — she gushes over the cold contempt for the readers of his microblog.

But in the air of the Central channel can not hold back resentful tears.

"Well, what do you offer me? What do I do now? I have no other choice. What do I do? Suppressing these mistresses, or to prove that it is not necessary to touch married men, because we have children and family? I don't know what this girl tells my husband that he wants to leave the family. I understand that children without a dad can't, it's just how to tear off a piece... of the body. It's not because I'm doing it for the kids. I want to keep the family together. But I find it difficult to come to terms with etem, I even still like don't believe it... But it is a fact. And Pasha admitted it", — she said to journalists Mamayev.

Алана Мамаева разоблачила Викторию Боню

Family Alana and Paul on the verge of razvodite:

Recall that we are talking about the girl name is Aleksandra Fomina, she lives in Vilnius and engaged in floristry. Fomin was flying to the football to Moscow and provoked a fight where Pavel Mamaev were in prison.

Also with your subscribers offended by Alan Mamayev shared and other information. In the Studio, Andrei Malakhov, a former participant of the project "Dom-2" Victoria Bonia somehow took on the role of defender of the disgraced athlete. The presenter said that Kokorin and Mamaev in this story the "let the dogs out" and they bear the punishment for all the antics in recent years the so-called "Golden youth", which angered the community.

The followers were puzzled, what does Bonia have to husband Alans? And got the answer. "She slept with him," says Alan in comments.


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